Our Trustees

Nicholas Cranfield – Chair

I live in Cirencester, Gloucestershire and spend my days working as Head of Compliance for Dyson. However, I started my legal career as Paul Verrico’s trainee at Eversheds in Leeds back in 2007. Under Paul’s tutelage I learnt an appreciation for waistcoats and garish coloured ink, in the other words the fundamentals of being a successful solicitor, and we became firm friends.

Then in 2012 I heard the news of Anna diagnosis with cancer. I still recall the shock at hearing this, it seemed unbearably cruel. Like many others I was inspired by Paul and Anna’s resilience and determination to overcome this and protect their young family. Not only that but, typical of Anna’s spirit, they resolved to raise funds to help others overcome cancer. Inspired by their courage and determination I ran the Paris Marathon in April 2012 to pay tribute to them and raise money for cancer research at University of Sheffield.

Then in the late summer of 2013 came the most awful news. Anna’s cancer had returned and the outlook was very bleak. In the face of this adversity Team Verrico was born. The initial aim was to support Paul and Anna and raise funds for her treatment. The response from Anna’s friends, family and the wider community was astonishing.  It was clear that Anna had had a tremendous impact on all the lives she had touched. So many people were desperate to try and help her, just as she had helped them.

In the end our efforts were not enough to save Anna but her example inspired the creation of Team Verrico – a charity committed to helping individuals and their families as they deal with cancer.  I am proud to be a founding Trustee of Team Verrico and to have headed up our efforts to provide research grants to institutions working to find new and better treatments for cancer.  On 5 June 2017, I took over from Paul as Chair of Team Verrico.
I am honoured to pick up the mantle from Paul and determined to ensure that Team Verrico continues to reach out and provide hope to people facing extremely difficult times.

Phil Crosbie – Secretary

Phil is a senior lawyer at Eversheds Sutherland. A respected speaker on the legal circuit, he has a broad litigation practice. In his spare time, Phil is a body builder. In the last year he has written hundreds of letters to fundraisers thanking them for their efforts and every year he acts as the compère at the Team Verrico annual ball.

Jackie McHale – Treasurer

Jackie met the Verrico family before their crisis. A resident of the Isle of Axholme, Jackie has taken on a very active role in supporting families as they seek urgent medical attention on Harley Street. Jackie has supported many Team Verrico events in her role as Treasurer and has been fundamental to achieving a growing strategy.  Married, with dogs, Jackie epitomises the spirit of what we are all about.

Emily Farmer – Head of Fundraising

Like many of us here, I came to be involved in the Team Verrico mission following a stint as trainee in Paul’s team at Eversheds. I joined in the midst of the fight, meeting Paul and learning of Anna’s illness in January 2013.

Team Verrico, in its infancy, was about raising money for cancer research, providing funds to a research project that may just mean that no one else would face the same battle as Anna. Those more athletic than I planned to run the Isle of Axholme half marathon. For my part, a street collection on the route to drum up support for our cause.

Just days before the run, Anna and Paul received the most devastating news, but instead of hiding away there came a call to arms. I looked at myself and my loved ones and thought how unfair this damned disease was. I resolved to do what I could to ensure others would not have to face the incomprehensible prospect of leaving loved ones behind. In a week, we raised over £15,000 for the University of Sheffield’s research.

When the goals changed and we needed to support Anna’s treatment, fundraising ideas come from far and wide. Inspired by Anna’s determination, the collective strength and generosity of people over those few weeks was simply amazing. Although for Anna, time was just too short, the battle has not been lost. In Anna’s name, driven by Anna’s strength, the fight is well and truly on.

Anna, Paul and Team Verrico taught me a valuable lesson in 2013: no matter the odds, no matter the obstacles, no matter what, never EVER give up.

Amelia Redding – Head of Marketing

Like Paul, and too many others that we know, my beautiful husband also died of cancer.  His was a brain tumour, he was 36, and we were never given the hope of his survival.

The truth about cancer is that it may defeat the human body, but it need never defeat the human spirit.  Or love.  I know this first-hand.  And it’s because of this that when I first met Paul via a support group for young widowed folk, and heard his phrase ‘Never EVER give up’, I liked it.  A lot.  It struck a chord with our outlook through my husband’s cancer, and mine following his death; he never stopped grabbing as much of life as he could, despite the cancer, and subsequently  I have been determined that our daughter and I would be shaped, not damaged, by his death – and live life.

So, I didn’t know Anna, but I feel a very strong affinity with the Verrico spirit and attitude.  Which is why, when Paul suggested I join the charity, I knew it was something I really wanted to do.  I’m a Planning Director for the advertising agency Grey, and have been developing advertising strategies for major brands for over 15 years; so I intend to find ways for Team Verrico’s inspirational message to be heard by more people, to raise more money, and do more good.

For good to come out of tragedy is beautiful.

And if we all help Team Verrico help others to beat cancer, then that’s a pretty good job done.

Paul Verrico – Head of Research

As the founder of the charity, touched by a personal tragedy, I have spent the early years of my grief trying to make sense of what had happened.  I used my contact base and my network to help others face adversity and fight back against an irreconcilable diagnosis.  As the charity grew, I was able to give interviews on Radio 2, Radio 5, various broadsheets, red tops and periodicals explaining how we had survived Anna’s loss.  Since June 2017, I have been involved in supporting Nick as charity Chair, organising events and promoting the charity as we seek to grow our reach and resources to help ever more families needing more tomorrows.