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Julian & Cheryl Moorhouse

Despite being a successful national athlete Julian Moorhouse is the owner of Epworth based business Metres to Miles, through which he organised the 2013 1 mile run that Anna Verrico and all her supporters took part in as Anna was unable to later run the half marathon of the same day. Julian’s wife Cheryl is an integral part of the July 2014 charity ball organising committee which she fits around supporting Julian’s business and being Account Director at retail focused design agency Live & Breathe.

‘You meet some interesting people working in retail – particularly in a running wear shop which involves fitting people for training shoes. We regularly have a laugh with customers as they take a run in a few pairs of shoes to try out how they work for them. 

I first met the Verricos in store – from memory Paul came in to buy some shoes and Anna came along too. Anna came in store later, familiar with the fitting process and was revved up for a run on the treadmill. Oh –Anna was ready – she wacked the treadmill up to a speed Jessica Ennis might have run at! Then confidently announced she was a former multi-events county athlete. We knew quickly what type of shoes she required – Built for speed!

I didn’t get to know the Verricos that well –apart from when Paul came in store, but  I did see the family regularly out and about in the village to say hello to. And a lovely, friendly and happy family too.

I was shocked when Paul informed me Anna had been ill – but was in remission and ready to take on the Isle of Axholme Half Marathon. It was great to see the family and friends at the Normanby Hall Womens 5k a few weeks later. What a strong family, getting on and building a future again.

I was very sad one Saturday when Paul came in to store a few weeks before the Half Marathon to inform me Anna was ill again, but as determined as ever to run. We got together when circumstances meant that even ‘tough Anna’ wasn’t going to be able to make the start line for the half. The Fun Run was organised and to this day I don’t know how she managed to summon up the strength to get around that course. But it was great to see local support for Anna and her family. Something really great started that morning.

I’m sure lots of people who got to know Anna were effected by her untimely death.  I regularly think about Anna, Paul and the children and particularly when I’m moaning about something really so trivial, worrying about something or trying to encourage some of the runners I coach. Team Verrico to me means determination, focus, drive, optimism and LIFE. Anna lives on in the hearts of so many people who got to know her, and coming together as Team Verrico is the natural way to ensure her legacy continues for her and her family and long into the future.’